Collection: 2024 Summer Collection 1 of 2

The wait is FINALLY over for P¥D’s 2024 Summer Collection 1 of 2!

The release consists of 4 new T-Shirt Designs including 2 OG T-Shirt Designs restocking from the year of 2023. 

1. Black with White Cursive Embroidery Tee

2. White with Pink Cherry Blossom Tee

3. Black with White Old English Dragon Tee

4. Black with Red 777 Racing Tee

5. Black with Pink 222 Racing Tee

6. Black with Grey Tiger Tee

The release for our new collection is very LIMITED. 

For Gym/Casual Wear.

Tag us on IG @ payyourdues_lv of you rocking P¥D!